The Legend Of Korra


I’m sorry…. I’m having withdrawals

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here!

I’m hoping to be on more. I’m also hoping to post some sketches and such. Bare with me, I’m not very good and I’m still working to become better. Here is my favorite one I’ve done so far. This took me forever and it’s not really finished…. 

Anyway! I’m glad to be back :D


Toph and Sokka? I’m not so sure… I always thought they would be cute together when I watched the first show, but it ended with Sokka and Suki being in a relationship and so far Aang and Katara were still together and it’s very likely Mai and Zuko were still together. I’m not sure why they would decide to break up Suki and Sokka, but if they did I ‘aint complainin! I do like Suki and Sokka as a couple but I also like Toph and Sokka. They had a lot of cute moments in the first series. :D 

Yes, you have, people have been making separate posts about it. And I said you tagged a homophobic post with 'korrasami' which is rude. And it's not 'what I thought you meant'- please do not change the subject, as a gay person I KNOW when something is hurtful/homophobic more than you do. Saying gay people make you uncomfortable is offensive, and tagging that with 'korrasami' which is a tag for a gay ship is rude.

Well I’m really sorry I offended you because that is NOT what I meant to do. And when did I ever change the subject? The whole time this has been about gay ships. I never said GAY people made me uncomfortable I said Asami and Korra make me uncomfortable when put together. Both characters which are not gay. I know gay people. I have gay friends. It really doesn’t matter to me. I’m sorry that I offended you because I really didn’t mean to. But in case you or anyone else is confused: I’m not a homophobe… I have gay friends. Who you like doesn’t affect my opinion on you. I say, good for you because you are making a decision that a lot of people keep inside them because people ARE homophobic. I’m not and I’m sorry if that’s how I came across. The end. I’m done talking about it. 

(I guess you can’t post anything on Tumblr without getting attacked.) 

EDIT: I also made a point to say that in my first post. I guess a lot of people over look that. I said that I wasn’t judging and that it didn’t matter to me. How does that make me a homophobe? 

I'm not too crazy when it comes to the spectacular shipping but here are my two favorites: Borra and Pemzin.

I think both are very adorable couples. Pemzin is obviously cannon. I like Pema in a relationship situation more then Lin. Bolin is just a cutie :D 

P.S. Send in your ships and I’ll tell you what I think! Don’t be shy! 

Borra? c:

Well, I am a total Makorra shipper, but I think I would be somewhat okay with Borra being cannon. Bolin is just so cute and sweet I know he would treat Korra right. I guess that’s really all I want is for everyone to be happy. I think Korra could be happy with Bolin. But I’m still rooting for Makorra. :D

P.S. Send in your ships and I’ll tell you what I think! Don’t be shy! 


Korra is way too young for Lin. Also homosexuality is such a controversy that it wouldn’t be on a children’s show. Besides, Lin and Korra as a couple, that’s just not fair to every other couple. They are so badass individually I mean put them together…. well there’s no room for improvement. :D

P.S. Send in your ships and I’ll tell you what I think! Don’t be shy! 


I like Bosami. We haven’t seen much of them together in the episodes but I think they would be cute together, plus I think it is the solution for all Makorra shippers :D 

P.S. Send in your ships and I’ll tell you what I think! Don’t be shy! 


100% for this ship! I love it I love it I love it. They are both so a like and usually it’s cute when opposites get together but I just love the way they act around each other. :D 

P.S. Send in your ship and I will tell you what I think. Don’t be shy! 

general iroh and korra :))))

Now THAT’S a good looking couple. I’m pretty sure Makorra is cannon and that is my ship, but I don’t think I would be disappointed if Iroh and Korra ended up together. I mean they are both good looking and tough. I think Iroh might be a good balance to Korra, too. :D 

P.S. Send in your ships! Don’t be shy!